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It's obvious that we sell tables, chairs, and bar stools. But look closer, and you’ll see a team of friends working together to make our customers happy. We depend on our top notch customer service, honest sales approach, and expansive product knowledge – not just about our products but of all of the products on the market, too. So when a customer asks us a question, we know exactly how to answer it correctly and confidently. Even though we're basically a dot com, we strive to offer personal attention to each and every customer. After all, that's what you deserve.




Our Story 

Founded as a family-based business in 2002, East Coast Chair & Barstool began as a part-time eBay hobby, with an “office” that consisted of a large desktop computer set up on their dining room table. Selling chairs for offices, beauty salons, and barber shops was just a part-time venture in those early days, and the owners both worked simultaneously in other careers. Seeing potential in what they'd started, they soon set up an office in the basement of their small town, U.S.A. home and committed more fully to growing their company. Adding a customer care specialist in 2008 (who still recounts the first day of employment when the family dog chewed her shoe), this hobby soon became a thriving business. A few moves later, changes in product offerings, and with a growing crew of staff, the company now owns a large office, showroom, production facility, and warehouse space in Mercer, Pennsylvania, just a short drive from Erie, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland.

With our latest relocation in 2012, we gained the needed in-house production space to start marketing new lines of restaurant booths and solid wood table tops, built by our on-staff Amish craftsmen. Taking great pride in these items, we deliver on quality while keeping our prices low and lead times fast, so you'll be thrilled when your order arrives. These lines quickly gained popularity, and our team of craftsmen continue to design new models and finishes to introduce to our offerings.

Today, most of our customers are bar and restaurant owners. We cater to the small corner bar as well as the large multimillion dollar resort, and each customer's satisfaction is equally as important to us as the last. When you call us, you'll be able to talk directly with a knowledgeable and friendly customer care specialist.



Who We Are

If you really want to know more about us, we are a dynamic group of people with our own hobbies and interests so diverse as hunting, fly fishing, scrapbooking, running our kids to and from activities, playing Bunco, mastering Guitar Hero, walking our doggies, hosting campfire get-togethers, or otherwise enjoying life. We also come from diverse backgrounds. One of us moonlights as a dance studio instructor. One is a former language arts teacher (who consequently speaks multiple languages and is often asked to translate for co-workers who aren’t as lingual). Others have retail and restaurant experience. We share years of sales, marketing, and warehouse know-how, and we all bring unique perspectives and skill sets to what we do at East Coast Chair & Barstool. Diversity doesn’t end at the jobs we’ve held or our personal interests; we are a mix of heritages, including Amish. But Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., we can all be found hard at work furnishing America's bars and restaurants. Here, we help you find exactly what you're looking for, and we're proud and excited when the look you're designing comes together with style and fashion. To us, furniture is exciting. (Along with a lot of other things.)

Our owners take a hands-on approach to running the business, and are at the helm of driving our company's success. While job titles are not used heavily around the office, team members work in sales, shipping, marketing, warehousing, and production. The saying goes, “If you want to be great, you have to surround yourself with great people.” And the company has had a lot of success with this philosophy. They choose kind, honest, and hardworking staff who are eager to learn and grow with our company, resulting in very low turnover and a comfortable work environment. We share ideas and make recommendations freely; the staff provide smart and savvy solutions to everyday challenges and foresight for the future from their mix of previous experiences.

We all truly care about our customers, and we believe that is what sets us apart from other dot com furniture suppliers.



Paying it Forward

In addition to caring about you, we care about our community, too. The owners encourage philanthropy of their staff through regular dress down days, by pitching in to help a family or cause at the holidays, and supporting staff members' volunteer activities. It's not unusual for us to donate an item to a charity auction or to sponsor a local sports team. We've helped a family featured on the hit TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, a high school that was spotlighted on ESPN’s Rise Up, and a bar that was rescued by Jon Taffer's TV crew on an episode of Bar Rescue.

East Coast Chair & Barstool is specifically committed to giving back to these areas: 
1. Causes that are important to or benefit our staff members and their families, with a focus on local educational opportunities at schools that staff members’ children attend 
2. Opportunities that promote local B2B networking or highlight our presence in the foodservice and related industries

Additionally, we strive to be a good member of Planet Earth, developing new lines of recyclable furniture, reusing cardboard and packing materials, recycling ink cartridges, consuming energy cautiously, and constantly thinking of new ways to be sustainable and more aware of our eco-footprint. is just one of our brands. We sell on eBay and have multiple websites that each have their own niche in the market. You've landed on our longest selling site that offers the largest selection in every category, from bar stools to trash receptacles. Covering everything you need for inside or out, this site is a one-stop shop for all of your commercial furniture needs.




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