Outdoor Booths & Benches

Commercial outdoor benches are a great addition to any restaurant patio. They provide a comfortable seating area where your restaurant guests can wait for a table or enjoy a drink from the bar. But the uses for outdoor benches extend far beyond restaurants! 


Parks, schools, public pools, picnic areas, ball fields, and city sidewalks are all great locations for durable metal benches. We have plenty of styles and colors to choose from, so you can get a bench that matches your team or school colors. Many are even covered in a graffiti-proof thermoplastic coating, so you won’t have to worry about vandalism. 


For a lovely addition to gardens and parks, consider our commercial outdoor wooden benches. Our wood benches are available in treated pine or unfinished teak that will harmonize with the natural environment. 


And if you need a low-maintenance bench with a wood look, we have plenty of options in durable, eco-friendly poly lumber.


Finally, for a different type of outdoor seating for your restaurant or cafe, consider outdoor booths. You can create a cozy, intimate environment while letting your guests enjoy the fresh air.

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