Commercial Patio Umbrellas

A restaurant deck or outdoor bar is a huge asset. But if it’s too hot, you may find that customers are abandoning your patio in search of a cooler climate! With commercial outdoor umbrellas, you can create the shaded oasis your customers are looking for, despite the strength of the sun’s rays.


Our patio umbrellas come with steel or fiberglass skeletons and a heavy-duty aluminum center pole. Or for a classic look, choose a style with a beautiful wooden frame and pole. There are plenty of designs to choose from. Manual lift, pulley, and crank mechanisms are all available, as well as tilting and stationary options. And for colors, select from a variety of solid or striped vinyl or heavy-weight fabric. 


If you’re planning to erect your commercial patio umbrella over a table, check out our range of outdoor table tops and bases with existing umbrella holes. And if you’d like your umbrella to provide free-standing shade, don’t forget the umbrella base!

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