Custom Distressed Quarter Sawn Oak Table Tops

Quarter sawn white oak table tops will bring rustic sophistication to your restaurant dining room. “Quarter sawing” is a method of cutting the wood that lets the tree’s natural ring pattern stand out. In addition to its beauty, quarter sawn wood is naturally resistant to moisture. This means it’s less likely to warp, contract, or expand, so your durable table tops will look new for years to come.


These table tops come in a variety of sizes, in both square and round options. They are topped with a lacquer sealer and a urethane topcoat to protect them from heat and moisture. Because of the natural wood material, quarter sawn oak table tops are made for indoor use only. 


These table tops can be paired with any of our indoor bases, as well as the Milan and Newport outdoor bases. With three different stain options (cherry, briar, and bourbon), you’re sure to find an option that will shine in your restaurant.

Inspiration Preview