Communal Dining Tables

For the beer hall, pub, or group-focused restaurant, communal dining tables are a must. Perfect for business dinners, family get-togethers, and parties of every kind, communal tables tell your customers that they are all welcome.


The communal seating style maximizes your restaurant’s square footage, comfortably fitting more customers into less space with room for plenty of plates and glasses. If you serve family-style, choose a slightly wider table to leave room for shared platters in the middle. 


Our farmhouse-style communal dining tables are made from reclaimed barnwood, making them an attractive and environmentally-friendly option. Each table is a unique work of art, handmade by Amish craftsmen. Seasoned over many years, this wood is less prone to warping and splitting. The tables are carefully sealed with our Premium Finish, making them resistant to water, scratches, and heat. But as with all natural wood products, farmhouse tables are best kept indoors.


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