Teak Table Tops

Teak has been a favorite material for outdoor furniture for hundreds of years. Originally used for wooden ships, furniture makers realized that if teak could stand up to the punishment of the ocean, a backyard garden should be a picnic.


Our teak table tops are available in rounds, squares, and rectangles, and a variety of sizes.  Teak’s tight grain and naturally occurring oils make it resistant to rotting and bugs. This hardwood doesn’t require varnish or stain, but it will silver over time if not maintained. Some people actually prefer the patina of aged teak over fresh. 


To clean teak table tops, scrub them gently with soap and water. You can also sand lightly with the grain to bring out the wood’s original warm color. Sealing is not required, but you could use a UV blocking sealant on an annual basis. 


If you love the look of teak, but prefer a maintenance-free table for your deck or patio, look at our faux teak table top options. Synthetic teak provides all the beauty of real wood with no time-consuming maintenance.

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