Outdoor Trash Receptacles

How much thought have you put into your outdoor trash receptacles? You might be surprised to find how many different options there are for your park, food court, restaurant, cafe, ball park, mall, or shopping center! 


Outdoor trash receptacles are made for durability. They won’t blow around or be knocked over by pests. But for extra security, they also come with mounting holes so you can attach them to a recessed mount in the sidewalk or patio.


Trash receptacles are available in lots of colors and styles, and some are even customizable with a logo or emblem. Lids come separately, so you can choose the best one for your needs.  Rain bonnets are great for keeping water out of the liner, while dome lids discourage tampering with the trash. You can select a matching or complementary color to the main trash receptacle. 


We also have plastic liners for your outdoor trash receptacles, and smokers’ urns to discourage cigarette litter in your outdoor space.

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