Do You Sell Counter Height Bar Stools?

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Sep 01, 2023

Do You Sell Counter Height Bar Stools?

We are proud to offer options for every restaurant design, including custom layouts that need counter height bar stools. 

You’ll know if you need counter height bar stools if your bar measures about 36” from the floor to the top of the bar. Counter height stools have a seat height of 24”. If this applies to your layout, we do have some great options for you to choose from! 

Love the look of East Coast Chair & Barstool bar stools? Many of them can be made into a counter height version! As long as it will not harm the structural integrity of the bar stool, the bar stool can be cut down to meet the counter seat height of 24” with a per bar stool upcharge. This works best on tubular frames where the glide can still be attached. To inquire about a particular product getting cut down and the upcharge, please contact our customer care team at 800-986-5352. 

You may notice we don’t offer as many counter height options on our website. In commercial restaurant design, bars or high tops tables have a height of around 42”, making bar stool’s seat height around 30” to give customers enough space to feel comfortable. The 30” bar stool seat height is the most common in the industry, while counter height is more typical of residential settings. But by cutting some of our most popular standard bar stools down, you can get the same style and durability at the correct height.  

If you’re looking for counter height bar stools, we recommend cutting down our bar stool selection or checking out our vendor products that provide rack-to-restaurant counter height bar stools. Either way, we want to work with you to create or find the perfect height stools for your restaurant or business’ layout.  

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