How to Buy Fabric/Metal Hybrid Outdoor Seating for Your Restaurant

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Sep 01, 2023

How to Buy Fabric/Metal Hybrid Outdoor Seating for Your Restaurant

Using fabric outdoors isn’t just for residential homes anymore! One of the biggest trends in patio seating that we’re seeing right now is fabric/metal hybrids. At first, this may seem like it wouldn’t be durable enough for commercial use, but with textile advancements, embracing this combination is easier to achieve than you might think.  

Why use fabric in a commercial environment?  

It’s all about the look! Using fabric/metal hybrid furniture is very popular right now in home furniture, giving spaces an elevated, resort feel, and the same can be done in your restaurant. These designs use the fabric as a weave or rope, giving an artisanal, unique look that are still built tough for the daily wear and tear in a commercial environment. Besides an interesting design choice, fabric can increase comfortability, particularly in the seat and back, over plain metal.  

What types of fabrics can be used commercially?  

While there are many outdoor fabrics, you want the strongest and best for a commercial restaurant patio. When choosing outdoor furniture with fabric be on the lookout for polyethylene, textline, synthetic wicker, or polypropylene weave or rope. These materials are reinforced with additives to make them resistant to moisture, mildew, and the elements. With additives like these, the outdoor fabrics in commercial furniture are just as easy to keep clean as any other material. Outdoor restaurant furniture needs to be durable to withstand customers and the weather so keeping the right fabrics in mind is important!  

Is fabric/metal hybrid furniture durable enough for commercial use?  

When combined with a treated steel or aluminum metal frame, fabric is on trend, and a great option for durability! Fabric is typically used where a customer’s body would hit the frame, such as the seat or back, giving the chair some elasticity on the pressure points. The fabric and metal together are a successful pair at using their strength to combat the weather and frequent use of outdoor furniture. 

Want to see some examples of fabric/metal hybrid furniture at work? Check these East Coast Chair & Barstool options out!  

The Fiji Collection uses synthetic wicker and polyethylene rope to create comfortable club and arm chairs that are perfect for elevating any outdoor space. 

The Trinidad Collection 

The Trinidad Collection features an interlocking textaline grid weave on the seat and back that’s both functional and stylish. 

The Portofino Collection 

The Portofino Collection is wrapped in a polypropylene rope on the back, seat, arms, and edges to stand out and be comfortable in your outdoor setting. 

The Sydney Collection 

The Sydney Collection uses a charming combination of woven textaline and bamboo-inspired frame for a look that’s classic and durable.  

The Palazzo Collection 

The Palazzo Collection is more on the modern side of things with a polyethylene wicker weave providing a sturdy, square back and seat for a touch of color. 

The Palmetto Collection 

The Palmetto Collection will shake up any patio space with its wire-reinforced polyethylene weave, increasing durability of the overall construction of the seating. 

It can be overwhelming to choose the right furniture for your restaurant’s outdoor space. Let us help you find the right one! Give our customer care team a call at 800-986-5352 or use the chat function on our website. We look forward to helping you create the perfect patio for your restaurant or bar!  

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