How to Order a Live Edge Table for Your Restaurant

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Sep 01, 2023

How to Order a Live Edge Table for Your Restaurant

Make your dining room stand out with new live edge tables from East Coast Chair & Barstool that you can rely on for years to come. We pride ourselves on offering a plethora of options when it comes to solid wood tables, and these are no exception! This distinct design and edge style will bring warmth and organic-looking beauty to any establishment.  

What is a live edge table? 


Live edge tables showcase the natural appearance of the wood by featuring at least one “live edge” that isn’t squared off like a traditional table edge. We manufacture these tables to have two live edge sides (the longer sides if you purchase a rectangle-shaped top) for a symmetrical look. This edge can be made with an up or down orientation depending on a customer’s preference.  

While they can be made with a variety of different wood species and stains, live edge table tops are perfect for rustic or traditional design styles that call for warm-toned surfaces.  

What wood species do you offer with a live edge? 

No matter what species you prefer, we offer a wide variety to choose from that will make your live edge table tops unique for your restaurant.  

We offer the following wood types with a live edge: 

  • Reclaimed Barn Wood 
  • Rustic Walnut Wood 
  • White Oak Wood 
  • Red Oak Wood  
  • Aspen Wood 
  • Hickory Wood 
  • Maple Wood 

Made for commercial use, all of these hardwood options have a premium thickness of 1.75” (the only exception is our  Quick Ship White Oak Live Edge Tables that are slightly thinner at 1.25”).  

How do I order a live edge table?  

From top to bottom, our live edge tables are created with your custom options in mind for your restaurant space. To start the order process, you can view our full array of live edge table top product listings  here. These listings are divided by the wood species mentioned above.  

Select your desired wood species and then make sure to also choose the following options on each listing if applicable:  

  • Finish – We offer unique finish options that are specially formulated for each of the wood species. 
  • Table Size – There are 15+ sizes for you to choose from in this dropdown. Other custom sizes may be available, please call 800-986-5352 for more information. 
  • Surface Finish – With this option, you are selecting whether you would like the table surface to be more distressed or smooth to the touch.  
  • Edge Orientation – This is where you will decide if you want your table tops to be made with the live edge facing down or up in your dining room. 

If you’re curious about any of our stain finishes or how a live edge table might look in your space, we would advise  ordering samples to test them out. You can order live edge table samples here and quick ship live edge table samples here.  

Functional and great to look at, we’re excited to offer these specialty table tops for your restaurant. If you have any questions about these tables, or any of our other products, please give our customer care team a call at 800-986-5352. 

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