Managing Your Restaurant POS: 3 Things to Do Today

Posted by Administrator on Sep 13, 2016

Managing Your Restaurant POS: 3 Things to Do Today

>When was the last time you took a look inside your POS?  As summer fades and you begin planning or rolling out your back-to-school and autumn specials, it’s also a great time to give your restaurant point-of-sale (POS) system a little TLC.  Here are three things you should do today to clean up your software and make it easier for staff to work within the POS:

1. Review the active users. Delete old codes and update the master/administrative password for security purposes.

2. Review the product listings. Delete old or duplicate items, including past promotional listings, and double-check all the menu items show accurate and current pricing.  Be sure to review each category and make sure every item you sell is easy to find.

3. Review the supply inventory (for those of you with fully integrated POS systems).  Be sure the ingredient lists for each item are accurate and the pricing hasn’t changed.  Compare your POS inventory with your actual physical inventory.

Taking time to keep your POS in tip top shape will help save your staff time in the long run, helping you run an efficient restaurant! As a side note, you should also replenish a supply of manual credit card record sheets and order tickets, just in case your system fails or there’s a power outage.  Don’t forget to perform a back up of the POS and make sure it’s backing up regularly.

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