Shade Your Patio with the Right Table and Base for Your Umbrella

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Sep 01, 2023

Shade Your Patio with the Right Table and Base for Your Umbrella

With the dog days of summer beating down on your patio, it’s likely you’ve been looking for tables and bases that can accommodate an umbrella to keep your customers cool. Not all table tops are able to support an umbrella so we came up with this handy list to help you out while shopping with East Coast Chair & Barstool

Please note, not every size in these tables are available with an umbrella hole, as smaller size tables cannot always support having the center hole. Check out each listing and your desired table sizes in mind to confirm an umbrella hole is possible.  

Table Top Options with Umbrella Holes (Table Base Not Included): 

For tables that need a table base, we recommend our Palermo bases. These bases come in a variety of heights, finishes, and shapes to go with your table tops as well as accommodating an umbrella. 

Table-Base Combinations with Umbrella Holes (Table Base Included): 

These tables don’t require a table base, but to use an umbrella with them you will need an umbrella base.  

Don’t have an umbrella yet to go with your outdoor tables? No problem! We have all the details in our umbrella buying guide and complete your shaded patio like a pro. 

If you have any questions about adding the right table and base to your outdoor area, give our customer care team a call at 800-986-5352 or use the chat function on our website

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