Should Your Bar Stools Swivel?

Posted by Administrator on Sep 01, 2023

Should Your Bar Stools Swivel?

When choosing the right bar stool for your bar or restaurant, you may be wondering if you should choose a swivel bar stool or a standard bar stool that doesn’t swivel.  We know how important having the right restaurant furniture is to you and your customers, so we are here to help. There are numerous options in either a swivel or a standard bar stool style, so here are some pointers to help you decide.

Swivel bar stools tend to be easier to get in and out of. This is one huge benefit if choosing the swivel bar stool style.  Being able to pivot away from the bar or extra tall table and also out of the way of fellow patrons on either side, the swivel makes it easy to sit down and stand up from the bar. That’s not to say that a standard bar stool should always be avoided, especially if they are placed at high tables where you want your guests to stay seated for longer periods of time.  Keep the drinks coming!

Swivel bar stools work better in more social flowing atmospheres. It’s all about your brand and the atmosphere you way your bar or restaurant to portray.  If you are a social bar where singles are mingling, then a swivel bar stool is your best choice.  Movement allows patrons to scan the room, get in and out easily, turn to talk to different groups of people, etc.  However, if you are a restaurant trying to create intimate dining experiences or more private spaces for your guests, then a standard or non-swivel bar stool is the one you want.  Your patron parties will appreciate the stationary seat when leaning in to talk to one another at their same table or next to them at the bar.

Swivel bar stools may feature a taller seat height. It’s true: size matters.  When choosing your bar stool, make sure you get one with the right seat height.  Most bar stools are about 30″ tall at the seat, but a swivel may or may not add an inch or two to that height.  Always check the dimensions and give your guests enough room beneath the bar/table and above their knees. Comfort is always key in choosing the right bar stool.

Choosing a swivel bar stool means choosing metal. If you are trying to create a more traditional, warm, classic feel in your restaurant, a wooden bar stool may be your best bet.  Unfortunately for wood-lovers, most swivel bar stools come in metal.  So if you’re looking for wood, you will probably have to choose a standard or non-swivel bar stool.  That’s not a bad thing!  Solid wood bar stools offer a timeless elegance to your bar or restaurant.  Once you have a clear brand image, choosing the right bar stool will make total sense!  Perhaps, it will be love at first sight – and you will just know when you see that bar stool that is calling your name.

Whether you choose to swivel or not, selecting the right bar stools for your bar or restaurant will be a great achievement.


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