The Perks of Using Poly Lumber & Metal Hybrid Furniture on Your Restaurant’s Patio

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Sep 01, 2023

The Perks of Using Poly Lumber & Metal Hybrid Furniture on Your Restaurant’s Patio

Patio season is no joke when it comes to the wear-and-tear of your outdoor restaurant furniture. Whether your outdoor patio is completely exposed to the elements, or the pandemic-precipitated, extended patio season is wreaking havoc on your seating, it might be time to look at a longer-lasting seating solution for your outdoor eating area.  

Poly / metal hybrid furniture is a great option for any patio that needs a stronger, functional, but also attractive seating option to hold up for seasons to come.  

Check out some of the benefits this type of outdoor furniture has to offer so you can make the most informed decision about buying new patio furniture.  


With long hours of sitting in the sun and constant use, your patio furniture needs to hold up in all conditions. Luckily, both materials, poly lumber and metal hybrid furniture are made for it!  

The poly lumber slats are salt spray-resistant and will not absorb moisture, avoiding the soggy feeling wood furniture can have outdoors. These slats do not need to be painted, waterproofed, or stained to keep up their resiliency – it’s built in! Like the poly lumber slats, the metal frame is also made with outdoor environments in mind. The aluminum frame is powder coated to reduce the rusting and corrosion that inevitably comes with metal being outside. Both materials contribute to this hybrid furniture being a great option for your outdoor space.  


You may be good with the durability that poly lumber and metal hybrid furniture provide, but you may be wondering about the upkeep. GREAT NEWS! Similar to furniture completely made out of poly lumber, you only need a little soap and water to clean this seating up. A customer spills a little sauce or a drink? No problem! All you (or your staff) will need to clean up is a mixture of soap and water. If you find tougher stains (for example, leaf stains), you can use a Magic Eraser or melamine sponge to buff out the spot.  

Great for Changing Layouts 

While the aluminum frame is durable and sturdy enough for outdoor use, you’ll also be pleased to hear it’s still lightweight enough to move around. If you find yourself often rearranging your outdoor furniture to accommodate larger parties, this furniture is a solid solution for not being blown over with the slightest gust of wind, but also being easy enough to move when the layout calls for it.  

You will also find that most of the chairs we offer in the poly lumber and metal hybrid category are stackable, so you can easily store them or set them aside when not in use.  


Find the furniture that fits your theme! Poly lumber and metal hybrid furniture can come in a variety of color options, especially when it comes to the poly lumber slats. If you’re looking for a colorful array of options when it comes to the slats, we recommend our Caribbean Collection or Luca Collection, each of which have 20+ poly lumber colors in solids and textured wood-inspired options to choose from. Looking for a more neutral, subtle aesthetic? Check out our AtlanticNew England, or Havana Collections that feature teak, barn wood, and driftwood-inspired poly lumber, respectively.  

Poly lumber and metal hybrid furniture are an exceptionally durable, low-maintenance alternative to all metal furniture or all poly lumber furniture. These materials come with custom options and are built to be moved around easily for always changing seating set-ups. Set your patio up for successful seasons to come by moving toward this hybrid furniture that has the best of both worlds! 

Need help narrowing down your choices? Our customer care team is ready to help you choose the right furniture for your restaurant (indoors or outdoors). For further assistance, you can give them a call at 800-986-5352. 

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