Tavern & Pub

Tavern & Pub

Today’s taverns range from traditional to modern, and everything in between. The original tavern look consisted of lots of dark wood and dim lighting. Furniture of pine or oak would have been rough-hewn into simple benches and tables to serve as a meeting place for travelers and townspeople. But today, some taverns use lighter, finished wood to keep the coziness while brightening things up.

Whether rustic or contemporary, wood is still a mainstay of the modern tavern or pub. For added comfort, wood booths can be upholstered, although a more authentic look would leave them plain. Bar stools in the tavern can be simple and backless, or they can have backs and arms to encourage guests to kick back and stay awhile.

Other classic features like communal tables and plenty of ale will soon have your customers partying like it’s 1799.

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