5 Budget-Friendly Restaurant Design Ideas

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Sep 01, 2023

5 Budget-Friendly Restaurant Design Ideas

Have you ever looked around your restaurant and felt uninspired or just blah about the surroundings? Sure, you look at this space almost every day, but your customers may be feeling the same fatigue and you definitely don’t want that.  

If it has been a while since you’ve made any changes to your restaurant’s decor or design, it may be time to change the environment. A few upgrades here and there can go a long way in transforming the space.  

It may seem like making any changes will exhaust your budget and effort, but these budget-friendly ideas can make a big impact with little effort or cost. Check them out! 

Change Up the Lighting  

Unless you’re getting into rewiring your panel boxes, changing the lighting up does not need to require a pro. Swapping out fixtures for ones that go more with your style can make a big impact as well as changing out bulbs for different temperature lighting. New fixtures and cooler or warmer lighting can really make an impact. You can even go as far as fairy or twinkle lights and really setting the ambience in your restaurant.  

Add Greenery 

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Nothing brings new life to a space more than new life! Adding plants and greenery are an easy way to create a lush, more intimate feeling in your restaurant. At the entrance, by the windows, and even on some tables are all good places to add some greenery. For something easy that will last, we recommend some faux vines or potted plants to give the most impact for the longest amount of time.  

One of our favorite ways to change up your restaurant is always new furniture! That doesn’t have to mean replacing every table and seat. Besides any pieces that need replacing for structural reasons, focus on ones where a customers’ eye will go immediately and are integral to the design of your restaurant. For example, if you have a bar top that’s the focus of the room, order new bar stools with an interesting back design to go there. Or if you want to add more booths to replace standalone seating to make the room feel more cohesive, invest in the booths. Pick a priority if all new furniture is not in the budget and put your focus on that, or shop sale sections to get an even better price to pull off your ideal furniture. 

Deck the Walls 

Drab or boring walls? Let’s change that. Collaborate with your local art scene to feature artwork that goes with your design and at low cost by offering your wall space. Not only will this improve your atmosphere, it also fosters a sense of community. If you’re into DIY-ing it, grab a bucket of paint and give your restaurant a statement wall with a bold color choice. This simple residential paint trick can also work wonders in commercial establishments, diverting all eyes to that wall.  

Improve Outdoor Space  

An outdoor space, if you are so lucky to have one, can greatly improve curb appeal and provide extra room for customers. If you’ve let your outdoor space go by the wayside, this is a great opportunity to enhance your restaurant. Add planters, cut back any weeds, lighting, if need be, and focus on a visually clean space where you can add some outdoor seating. Having an outdoor space that’s usable and where customers want to be is a great asset! 

Wherever you decide to make improvements, make sure they look cohesive by sitting in a few places in your restaurant and seeing them from different perspectives. You’d be surprised how little money you have to spend to breathe new life into your space by improving the lighting, greenery, furniture, walls, and outdoor space that you have.  

What are your favorite ways to change up your establishment’s space for less? Let us know below! 

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