5 Helpful Hacks for Assembling Your Restaurant Furniture

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Sep 01, 2023

5 Helpful Hacks for Assembling Your Restaurant Furniture

The day you’ve been waiting for is finally here! Your restaurant furniture is set to deliver and you can’t wait to get it assembled so you can get back to business.  

From going over your budget to selecting the right furniture and waiting for its arrival, assembling your furniture is the last thing you’ll need to do to get your space ready for customers. These five helpful hacks are just a few ways to make this process go smoothly and efficiently so you can check assembly off your to-do list! 

Hack #1 – Enlist people to help!  

When it comes to getting your new furniture ready, the more people you have to help the better! Most furniture comes wrapped to prevent any damages while shipping, so a good part of your “assembly time” will be devoted to unwrapping the items which can be tedious if you’re doing it alone. While unwrapping, it’s important to not gouge through the wrapping with a utility knife as you will scratch your furniture’s finish. Having an assembly line of staff or very helpful family and friends can help you get your furniture closer to being put together. 

Hack #2 – Have a drill on hand!  

Many of our furniture items include tools like an Allen wrench to help put them together, but it never hurts to have a drill on hand when you’re facing the assembly of 80 dining chairs. Not all furniture uses the same hardware, so it’s also helpful to make sure you also have a variety of bits for your drill. Using a drill can speed up your assembly process and ensure the hardware is secure. 

Hack #3 – Keep everything you need in one place! 

When your furniture arrives and is being unwrapped, take special care to not discard any hardware or tools that may have been included to assemble your items. Not sure if you have all the hardware or included tools you were supposed to receive? You can use the online listings as a sort of checklist for any items that should be included. Be sure to empty the item’s box completely for your hardware packet. If you have any missing pieces, please contact our service department using this form.  

Hack #4 – Use a flat surface to attach items! 

While setting up an area to attach seats, buckets, or tables, you’ll want a sturdy, clean, and flat surface. These items are best assembled with the item upside down to get at the underside, but you don’t want to ding them or any of your current furniture in the process! We recommend using a cardboard flat from the packaging that’s been dusted off. 

Hack #5 – Do not overtighten! 

One of the biggest pieces of advice we give customers is to not overtighten your hardware! It’s easy to think that you should give them an extra rotation as they will loosen over time. While they will loosen eventually, you run the risk of stripping your hardware, rendering it unusable for your assembly. This can happen whether you’re using a power tool or even an Allen wrench, so it’s important to apply the appropriate amount of pressure and keep your hardware intact. 

These resources can also be a great starting point depending on your furniture item: 

If you have any further questions about assembling your restaurant furniture, please reach out to our customer care team at 800-986-5352 or for assistance. 

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