6 Ideas to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Your Restaurant or Bar

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Sep 01, 2023

6 Ideas to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Your Restaurant or Bar

Is your restaurant or bar ready for the green holiday? We have some ways to attract your customers to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at your establishment and benefit your spring profits! 

Timing can be everything with your celebration. St. Patrick’s Day is always March 17th, no matter the day of the week, which bears the question, when should you celebrate? Many cities have a designated weekend of celebration if the 17th falls midweek, especially if there is a parade involved. During that weekend and the actual day are the best times for your restaurant to hold themed events and capitalize on the festivities.  

Bring St. Patrick’s Day to your establishment with these easy ideas to celebrate and rake in the green too! 

Turning Green  

The easiest way to celebrate any holiday in your establishment is with festive colors, and for St. Patrick’s Day, it’s time to break out the green! Green and shamrocks have long been associated with the holiday, also adding a spring element. From little shamrock garlands to adding some food coloring to your menu, it’s easy to get your green on in March.  

Offer a Seasonal Spread 

A little festive fare never hurts anyone! St. Patrick’s may be a little less obvious when it comes to flavors over fall and Christmas but it’s a good chance for your cooks and bartenders to get a little creative. Flavors like mint, chocolate, and even Lucky Charms/marshmallow as a topping can be a fun way to put a twist on some of your regular items. Consider also integrating some traditional Irish dishes like corned beef and cabbage, shepherd’s pie, and soda bread for heartier options.  

Let the Drinks Flow 

Drinking is a big part of many St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, which is a plus if it’s something you can offer to customers! If you make your own beer or can partner with a local brewery, offering a special-themed beer for the holiday is a fun way to bring customers in to try something only available for a limited time. And of course, for the day of your bigger celebration, some green food coloring in your beer is always an easy way to get in on the festive fun! You could also offer a St. Patrick’s Day whiskey tasting with food pairings for a ticketed event option. There’s lots of ways to keep drinks flowing this St. Patrick’s Day! 

Bring in Live Music 

Nothing draws people in like some live music! To keep it festive, try and find an Irish band or one that has some Irish songs in their repertoire. This can be a big draw to bring in customers and have them enjoy your menu items at the same time.  

Game in Green  

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with some holiday-themed shenanigans! Host a game night with trivia or shamrock bingo, and have customers wear green or costumes to get in the spirit. Have prizes for your game winners and costume winners to entice customers and get the competition going. 

Brunching All the Way 

Looking for a fun idea for the day of St. Patrick’s Day? Try out a boozy brunch menu for customers that takes the theme to the max. A bloody mary bar, kegs and eggs, and traditional breakfast food can set the mood for a festive feast that will keep the party going and keep everyone full too. Get that food coloring ready, this brunch is totally green! 

No matter how your restaurant or bar celebrates St. Patrick’s Day, it’s always a good idea to have something going on to make the day special and entice customers to spend it with you and your staff! 

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