Getting Back to “Base”-ics

Posted by Administrator on Sep 01, 2023

Getting Back to “Base”-ics

When you walk into a restaurant, what do you notice first? Your answer probably won’t be the table bases that support each of the tables. Yet, they are so important to consider. When purchasing restaurant furniture, table bases should be recognized as the ultimate supporting piece for your customer’s experience, besides the chair or bar stool that they sit in. Customers want to enjoy a meal in a comfortable space with a sturdy, non-wobbly table that gives them plenty of leg and foot room. Your base is the piece that is going to provide that support and space, especially when the right one is paired with your table top. Does it have to be a fancy, expensive base? No. But, you can choose table bases with a design element that blends in with your restaurant’s theme so as to coordinate with the atmosphere you want to offer your customers.

Intrigued by table bases yet? If your answer is “yes” then you will want to check out three of our newest bases and each of their many features. Not only are they sturdy and supportive, but also easy on the budget.

I Beam Table Base

  • Supports the industrial style because it takes the shape of a steel beam used in construction
  • Made of steel with a clear coat finish
  • Table height or bar height to furnish your entire establishment
  • Three sizes – 18”, 24”, and 30”
  • Meant for indoor use
  • Self-leveling floor glides to make sure your guests don’t have to eat on a wobbly table

Newport Table Base

  • Supports a modern look and style with its clean lines and square base
  • Made of steel with a black powder coat finish
  • Table height or bar height
  • Two sizes – 18” and 22”
  • Versatile. Can be used both indoor and outdoors
  • Has an umbrella hole for outdoor use to accommodate shade for your guests if your dining area is not in a covered space

Milan Table Base

  • Supports a more decorative and ornate style with its design
  • Made of cast iron with a black powder coat finish
  • Table height or bar height to furnish your entire establishment
  • Only available in one size so it can only be used with certain sized table tops
  • Meant for indoor and outdoor
  • Offers a little more decoration that most table bases with its unique design

While you weigh out your options, it’s important to consider that different sized bases are meant to fit different sized table tops. To see which size is recommended to pair with different sized tops, refer to our Space Planning Chart to help you. Now that you have all of this “base”-ic information, we’re thinking the next time you walk into a restaurant you might just notice the table bases. When you do, we know that you will take on a new appreciation for these unsung heroes of restaurant furniture.

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