How to Furnish Your Dive Bar

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Sep 01, 2023

How to Furnish Your Dive Bar
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As a furniture company, we cater to many different design styles seen in restaurants and bars. Rustic industrial, modern, shabby chic, traditional, etc – you name it, we have furniture for it. But what if your bar doesn’t fit into those categories? Your focus is solely on good food, well-priced drinks, and happy customers.  

If your bar is primarily lit by neon lights and you’ve had mostly the same clientele for as long as you’ve been open, there’s a good chance you’re a dive bar that takes a no muss, no fuss approach when choosing furniture. And like all the aforementioned design styles, we still have you covered!  

Many of our customers are good ol fashioned dive bars and we love helping them find durable, good quality restaurant furniture that will hold up for years to come. Keep reading for our favorite dive bar furniture tips! 

Bar Area 

If you’re a dive bar, there’s a good chance that your highest customer traffic revolves around your…bar! With that in mind, it’s going to be very important that your bar stools are built tough and can take a beating. Most options out there break down to stationary bar stools, swivel bar stools, or swivel bucket bar stools. Overall, swivel bucket bar stools provide the most comfortable customer experience, while still being durable.  

When looking at any sort of swivel seating, go with options that have a nylon thread swivel mechanism instead of a ball bearing mechanism. The nylon thread mechanism often comes with a longer warranty and can last with more turns, which is definitely a big plus in keeping your stools in good condition for longer periods of time. 

Your bar seating should be your priority, so if you’re looking where you should divvy up your budget, splurging on comfortable long-lasting bar stools 

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Dining Area 

Much like your bar stools, durability is going to be key with your dining area! With this section, you have the choice of standalone dining tables (standard table height or high top) with chairs and bar stools, tables within booths, or a mix of the two. Having standalone tables and seating would be easy to rearrange for varying size parties or move out of the way rather than stationary seating. Booth seating is a very efficient way to keep the space open as possible, lining booths along the wall, making it a popular choice for smaller scale bars.  

Restaurant tables can come in all sorts of options but material is what will be most important for your dining space. Look for materials like laminates or solid oak wood when it comes to tables, these are less likely to scratch and are notoriously durable for the wear and tear of commercial establishments. It also doesn’t hurt getting tables that are already distressed or stained with darker finishes to cover up any future damage that can be inevitable with a dive bar. With seating, steel chairs and wood booths are great options for durability and clean up easily.  

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Patio Area 

Taking advantage of outdoor space is so important, even for dive bars! This is a great area for accommodating more customers and outdoor events but furnishing it may not be the top priority. Since most restaurants and bars operate their patios seasonally, fall and early winter can be a great time to get a deal on outdoor furniture. Be sure to get your order in before springtime as this is the busiest time for all businesses trying to order furniture. 

When you’re shopping for outdoor furniture, material will really set apart what pieces can withstand the elements. Look for commercial grade aluminum seating and tables in darker colors so it’s easy to mix and match for a neutral look, or if you’re looking to invest, poly lumber table tops especially can stretch your dollar further with their long lifespan. If you plan on only using your outdoor furniture for a portion of the year, try and find seating that stacks so it’s easy to set aside when not in use. Outdoor patio furniture is used less overall but should be resilient for multiple patio seasons.  

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Commercial furniture websites can be overwhelming with the design options and styles that are out there, especially if you are looking for durable basics that get the job done and stay within your budget. East Coast Chair & Barstool is proud to offer a wide variety of furniture for all types of establishments, including dive bars like yours! 

Get started finding your furniture with us here or give our customer care team a call at 800-986-5352 for any assistance. 

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