Our Top Ten Outdoor Furniture Products for Ever-Changing Seating Layouts

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Sep 01, 2023

Our Top Ten Outdoor Furniture Products for Ever-Changing Seating Layouts

It’s likely that COVID-19 has touched your restaurant business in health practices, customer service, supply issues, and the list can go on and on…. but it has also probably impacted your restaurant’s outdoor seating layout. 

Rearranging layouts can be tricky for restaurants with limited space to begin with, but with COVID-19 forcing continual changes, it’s probably something you are getting more used to doing. As restaurants accommodate more customers outdoors than they can indoors in most states, the demand for outdoor furniture that’s easy to move is very high right now.

To keep your patio functional and running smoothly with inevitable change ahead, we recommend keeping these three qualities in mind when choosing your furniture:

  1. Durability – Obviously you always should have outdoor-specific furniture on your patio, but when you’re moving it around, its durability is even more important! Our outdoor furniture is built to withstand the daily wear and tear of the commercial restaurant industry, but there is more margin for error when you’re repositioning your space so frequently. Be sure your furniture is made from outdoor-friendly materials that are rust-resistant and built to last.
  2. Lightweight Frame – Much of outdoor restaurant is made from aluminum, which is ideal if you’re always changing how many chairs are at a table, how many bar stools around a high top there are, or even pushing smaller tables together. This lighter material is durable and will make things a little easier on your staff that is doing the moving.
  3. Stackable Chairs – Stackabilty is a handy furniture trait with or without a global pandemic. A stackable frame is not only great when you are rearranging your outdoor space, it’s also useful when it comes time to store furniture when patio season is over. 

Keeping this criteria in mind, we’ve put together our top ten list of our outdoor products that will be helpful as you continue to extend and shuffle your outdoor dining space for more customers. 

Stackable Chairs:

  • Aviator Chairs – Matte black is always on trend! This lightweight, aluminum chair is a durable option that is easy to move around for your guests.

Shop the Aviator Collection here.

  • Fiji Club Chairs – Let customers relax in style with the Fiji Club Chairs’ popular wicker details. Just untie the seat pads and these chairs will stack nicely for when you need more space or to store them.

Shop the Fiji Collection here.

  • Hendrix Chairs – Choose from 3 different distressed colors to bring this mid-century modern design to your outdoor space! As a bonus, these chairs can also be used indoors because of their e-coated finish. 

Shop the Hendrix Chairs here.

Bar Stools: 

  • Atlantic Bar Stools – Perfect for coastal-inspired eateries, the Atlantic Bar Stool’s faux teak poly lumber slats have a distinguished appearance that’s also budget-friendly. 

Shop the Atlantic Collection here.

  • Sydney Bar Stool – This artful combination of woven outdoor fabric mixed with an aluminum frame will look so stylish in your bar space. 

Shop the Sydney Collection here.

  • Distressed Viktor Bar Stools – Use them outdoors or indoors, these bar stools provide a pop of color to your patio in addition to a durable seating solution. 

Shop the Viktor Collection here

Table Tops:

  • SoHo Table Tops – One of the more heavy duty pieces of furniture on this list, the SoHo table is no joke when it comes to durability. With a combination of an aluminum frame and high-density laminate, this top comes in five finish options so you can choose the one that matches your concept easily. 

Shop the SoHo Indoor/Outdoor Table Tops here

  • Atlantic Table Tops – Get the teak look on your patio without the maintenance drawbacks! This table top features poly lumber slats and a rust-resistant aluminum frame that is much lighter than traditional wood tops. 

Shop the Atlantic Collection here.

Table Bases: 

  • Shipyard Table Bases – Keep your bases classic with our Shipyard Collection’s offerings. These weather-resistant aluminum bases are made for outdoor use and feature durable powder coatings so they stay looking great throughout the season. 

Shop Shipyard Table Bases here.

  • Palermo Table Bases – Need a super sturdy support system? The Palermo’s steel plate with aluminum column construction is just what your outdoor (and indoor) table tops need!

Shop Palermo Table Bases here

Have questions about these products or our other outdoor furniture items? Check out our website for more product details or give our customer care team a call at 800-986-5352.

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