What Size Quick Ship Restaurant Tables Do You Stock?

Posted by Administrator on Sep 01, 2023

What Size Quick Ship Restaurant Tables Do You Stock?

We know time crunches can happen when you’re ordering restaurant furniture, or sometimes you just need a few extra tables ASAP, either way, we do offer a selection of quick ship wood restaurant tables that can get to you fast!  

Our quick ship selection allows customers to expedite getting their order with in-stock tables versus custom ones, and back to serving customers.  

What’s the difference between quick ship tables and other table tops? 

The quick ship tables are solid wood tables that have been made in-house and are ready to ship out within our current fastest lead times. We aim to create stock in our most popular sizes and finishes. These tables are ready for our warehouse team to pull for your order and do not require any extra finishes.  

Where do I find quick ship restaurant tables on your website? 

The quick ship table tops can be found underneath the categories on our Restaurant Table Tops page and are denoted by a blue starburst.  

How do I know what table top sizes are offered and available? 

Within each of these listings marked with a star, you’ll be able to see a list of quick ship sizes in the bullets to the side.  

Common sizes often include 24” x 30”, 30” x 30”, 30” x 48”, and 30” x 48” but please check the listing, as these sizes can vary from table species as well as which specific finish.  

While you can order non-quick ship sizes within these listings, for the most accurate expectations, be sure you’re ordering one of the quick ship sizes and finishes prior to placing your order.  

Are the listed quick ship table sizes always in stock?  

Not necessarily, just because something is on our website does not mean it is in stock, including the quick ship table tops! These sizes we aim to stock are our most popular and can sell out before our production team can replenish stock. Before placing your order, we always recommend checking on stock with our customer care team (whether via phone, email, or chat) to get an estimate on when your items will be delivered approximately.  

Quick ship tables can be a very helpful option when you need quality restaurant tables in a shorter amount of time! If you have any questions about ordering quick ship tables or any of our furniture, please contact our customer care team for more information! They can assist you with checking on stock and help you to get your order ready to go so you can buy with confidence. 

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