On the Move – How to Add Delivery Services to Your Take-Out Program

Posted by Administrator on Sep 25, 2017

On the Move – How to Add Delivery Services to Your Take-Out Program

If you’re trying to think of a way to generate additional profit for your restaurant, and you already have a take-out program, consider adding delivery services. Delivery is no longer used just by pizza parlors and Chinese restaurants. It’s become a new way for restaurants to reach out into the community and serve their patrons at home.

I’m Going to Do It! How Do I Let People Know?

Your audience for a delivery service may not be the same as your pick-up or sit down customers. Think of where your restaurant is located, and determine how large your delivery will be. Then, you can start to promote your new service.

How To Effectively Advertise Delivery Services

  • In Your Restaurant. Capture your own client market first. Include postcards on your tables and add a mention of delivery service on your menus. Include your information in your phone system and ask your phone greeters to mention it when someone calls in. For example, “Good evening, Meloni’s now delivers right to your home! May I help you?” When someone arrives to pickup food, include coupons and a delivery menu.
  • Keep in Touch.  Send out postcards (if you have customer addresses) to current diners. If you have a system for storing emails such as Constant Contact, send out weekly email updates that include your delivery service area, hours, and menu.
  • On Your Social Media Pages. If you already have Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus pages set up, let your followers and fans know that delivery is available, and attach a menu.
  • Reach Out to Likely Customers. Who is interested in delivery? Families and professionals are a good bet. Find a hyper-targeted way to reach these groups, such as asking local daycares to hand out delivery menus to parents. Or, ask permission to post your menu on a bulletin board in a local company. Another great idea is to talk to local hotels and arrange a delivery deal for their patrons.
  • Send Out a Press Release. Write a press release and send it to your local newspapers and online community websites. Announce your hours, attach a delivery menu, and let everyone know that you’re open for (delivery) business!

Delivery Details to Iron Out

Think about how your business will be taking delivery orders—using the phone? Online? Using an app? Maybe you’ll be using all three. You’ll need a system that can sort clients by multiple phone numbers, recalls customers’ previous orders, and prompts order takers to ask specific questions about food allergies.

Your software system should also have map data on your surroundings so that you know how long it will take to deliver the food to the right location. Make sure that your delivery software system can be integrated with your regular system, too, to cut down on miscommunication. Remember, also, that you’ll need to hire drivers who can be trusted to deliver food and then bring the payment back to you if they’re paying with cash.

If it’s done right, delivery service can be a boon to your bottom line. If you feel that your location and food will support delivery, start planning it today.

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