How to Choose Table Tops to Match Your Design Scheme

Posted by Stephanie Hilliard on Feb 22, 2019

How to Choose Table Tops to Match Your Design Scheme

Table tops are the foundation of where your customers eat and are a part of their first presentation of your food. They set the stage for your whole restaurant’s interior, so it’s important that they match the rest of your design. From material to color to features, there are many choices when it comes to table tops. Incorporating the right table tops for your design scheme doesn’t have to be difficult, you just need to know what to look for!   

In this article, we are talking about four common design styles and how to choose the right tables to match. Read on below!  

The Classic Design   

If you love that timeless look of wood or black metal seating and more subtle colors, your interior is probably on the classic side. Table tops in a classic design scheme should fit into the neutral look and rely on natural wood colors to put some personality in your interior. Some good table options for this kind of design scheme would be butcher block (creating some visual interest with block puzzle pattern), quarter sawn (classic wood look without being overly distressed), or a walnut table (rich, deep color). Classic is just what the name says, and never goes out of style!   

The Modern Design  

Sleek, cool toned, and streamlined are all adjectives that align with modern restaurant interiors. The combination of durable plastic, metals, and masonry can be mixed but aren’t overpowering each other. You could go for a granite, quartz, marble or stone option but why throw out your back and pay for a heavier top than what you need to match this scheme? Check out laminate tables are a great way to achieve this look for a lighter option that costs less. Laminate tables can give your interior that same metal or stone look without ruining your whole furniture budget. Modern design doesn’t have to be expensive!   

The Metal Industrial Design   

Industrial design schemes are very popular and one of the most obvious indicators is the table tops. From tables to chairs to benches, you’ll see a lot of metal in this design scheme but with the tables in particular, this can be a liability. True metal tables look great at first but can be scuffed and scratched easily, making them look more dingy than anything else. This is another great design scheme for laminate tops! Because laminate tops come in so many finishes, there are some metal-like surfaces that will dupe anyone into thinking it’s the real thing at a distance. Give the look of metal without the weight or the liability!  

The Rustic Design  

Whether you lean into the rustic design scheme or you like to contrast your metal furniture with wood accents, there’s nothing more synonymous with this style than a distressed wood table top! Depending on your price point, having the distressed look can be accomplished with a rustic-looking laminate table or a solid wood table. Wood table tops come in all sorts of finishes, distress levels, and even edge styles for a unique look that sets them apart from all the rest. In rustic design, you’ll also see a lot of communal tables that harkens back to the farmhouse vibe, so that may be another type of table to look into adding to your space. Rustic design schemes are easy to pull off with the right distressed tables, whether it’s real wood or not!   

Restaurant tops can be as unique as your menu is so it’s important to match your selection to your style. The right style tables can pull together your vision for your dining room, completing the whole look.  

If you have any questions about what table tops to add to your restaurant space, give our customer care team a call at 800-986-5352 or use the chat function on our website.   

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